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Creative Design

Visuals speak louder. And we can’t say it enough. Technology, social media and an empowered millennial segment has made communications extremely challenging and competitive. Not only has marketing noise increased a hundredfold over, target audiences now command and choose the messages they want to hear and the channels they want to hear them from.

At Mad About Solutions, we refuse to just churn out visual communication materials. We adhere to the disciplines of communications, putting careful thought into each and every project. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes but we also take into consideration the needs and wants of the final end user. Striking a balance between interests, we bring brands and customers together through our marketing services.


Loyalty Marketing

An email address is the key to unlock a customer’s potential on the digital platform. Through loyalty marketing services and a tried and tested program, we help your brand build mindshare, establish and nurture a relationship, influence behavior from visits to purchases. Over time and with regular, relevant content, we help your brand make loyal ambassadors out of every customer.

More importantly, we have developed the Mad Redemption Tracker, a platform for you to track and measure your in store promotions. Now, you can know exactly how much you spent on a campaign and how much return on investments you received.


Social Media Management

Early this year in a report called Digital in 2017, We Are Social and Hootsuite put global social media users at 2.789 B. Facebook leads with 1.871B active accounts. YouTube has 1B and Instagram has 600M. In the Philippines, we have 60M social media users, 54M of which access mostly on mobile.

With Filipinos spending an average of 4 hours and 17 mins every single day on social media, isn’t it time you got online and rubbed virtual elbows with your target markets?


Web Design and Development

Social media advocates say that organic reach will decline for brands, almost implying that social media platforms will make websites obsolete. But with Google pushing machine learning forward and as it grows artificial intelligence for Google Search and Google Assistant, having and managing your online assets become even more critical.

We can help you build and nurture a healthy presence both on social media and on digital, and make sure one complements the other to meet your business aspirations.


Content Marketing Services

Everybody loves to hear a good story. And everyone has a wonderful story to tell. Unfortunately, not many have the time, the patience or the gift to deliver stories in powerful ways, ways that move emotions, inspire belief and drive action. At Mad About Solutions, we patiently look for the the right words, the best words to deliver your truth to your customers so they can say nothing else but ‘yes’.


Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

That we call ourselves MadAboutSolutions gives away our excitement at the prospect of conceiving and conceptualizing campaigns aligned with your brand strategy to meet your marketing and sales goals. With a team that has worked with various brands from retail to food and digital to financial and consultancy services, we can whip up the next award-winning campaign for you.


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