About Us

We’re Mad About Solutions.

Mad is an integrated marketing company. We invest time, energy and resources into our projects as if the business of our clients were our own because we know that if our clients succeed, so would we.

Our Approach

We focus client’s resources on solutions that deliver palpable results.

When a client comes to Mad About Solutions with business issues and marketing problems, we make sure to sift through the symptoms to uncover and address root causes, addressing them with solutions that are strategic and sustainable. This way, we prevent any wastage.


‘Less is more’ also applies to marketing spend.

We understand that clients take a risk with us when they award us their projects. That’s why we are committed to maximize marketing, promotional and campaign resources. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again if needed – we stop clients from needless spending and we make sure that they get the most out of their resources.

Our Values

    • We do right by our clients, employees and stakeholders.
      We take accountability for our commitments. We act honestly, speak honorably, behave with integrity, and are fair in all of our interactions internally and externally.


    • We beat our best.
      We continuously strive for excellence, relentlessly improving internal processes and individual capabilities to deliver measurable and palpable value to our company, our employees, our clients and their end customers.


    • We work great together.
      We are passionate about work. We achieve great things by working as a team and collaborating with clients. We diligently learn our customer’s businesses and issues and dive to their roots with solutions that work. And, we celebrate our achievements.

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